24 Small Storage Boxes

Plastic Boxes

$15.99 each - FREE SHIPPING


Clear Plastic storage box with 24 clear plastic containers with hinged lid and 2 snap locks.

No risk of spilling everything at once like those containers that share one lid for every compartment.

This system offers 24 individual compartments with their own attached snap lid, therefore you canít misplace the lid!

Easy to label or see what's inside. Simply turn the organizer over to find what you want. Mix different items in each box or keep up to 24 similar items together or fill it with all your tiny objects so you will know where to find them. Use to organize millions of things including beads, crafts, engine parts, sewing items, fasteners, fishing tackle, cosmetics, electronics, jewelry, hobbies, office supplies, etc. Perfect for separating M&M's, seed beads, glass beads, or jelly beans into their individual colors. Overall Size: Organizer is 9" Long x 6 1/8" Wide x 2 3/8" High
Individual Size: Each of the 24 small boxes are 1-7/8" Square x 1" High
Material: Durable Clear Poly Plastic

There are 2, 1/4 inch wide plastic hinges on the back of each small box. The front has one clasp that closes securely. The large box has 2, 1 inch wide plastic hinges with 2 clasps on the front. These are not intended for liquid.

Thank you.